Welcome to - the only official place on the 'Net to discover all things Adam-Michael James! is proud to present AMJ's latest song, "Change My Mind"! In a world where negative thinking seems to be the default, positive thinking can be a downright alien concept that we resist. That's what AMJ experiences in this "posi music" clip that had its world premiere at the 2013 Island Media Arts Festival. Retrain your brain below, and see the News column to your right to peep some exclusive, exciting news about "Change My Mind"!

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Theatre is never far from AMJ's mind. Not only has he performed in three shows the last two years, but he co-wrote the musical drama “The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery” with Emmy-nominated composer Leo Marchildon,  Find out more about the unique multimedia show, and open the curtain to the other boards AMJ has tread over the years.

AMJ also has two Books to his credit: “Undo the Deed”, a time travel story with a child abuse theme, and “Extra Extra!: Memoirs from a Piece of Human Furniture”, which chronicles his experiences as a Hollywood extra and offers pointers on how to be one!

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"Change My Mind" has been selected by the emPower Music & Arts Posi Awards as a finalist for the Best Posi Music Video of 2013! And you can help AMJ to win this top honour! Just visit and vote for "Change My Mind" as your favourite vid! If AMJ wins, not only will the track be included on emPower's compilation CD, but he will be afforded the chance to perform the song live in January at the emPower Posi Awards in Orlando! Vote now through August 31 and help get "Change My Mind"'s positive message out to an even wider audience!

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updated 4 August 2013

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