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AMJ's book,
The Bewitched Continuum: The Ultimate Linear Guide to the Classic TV Series, is bringing the magic! The only book to explore the overall continuity of the show's stories and witchcraft, Bewitched director/associate producer Richard Michaels calls it "a great companion for every Bewitched fan...with insights even we didn't realize!" Mouse over the links above to get your copy, and view The Bewitched Continuum's official commercial below!

Check out the Music page for a range of AMJ's diverse videos that will take you to Hollywood, through the '80s, and through the Universe!

Theatre is never far from AMJ's mind. Not only has he performed in five shows the last four years, but he co-wrote the musical drama The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery with Emmy-nominated composer Leo Marchildon,  Find out more about the unique multimedia show, and open the curtain to the other boards AMJ has tread over the years.

AMJ has two other Books to his credit: Undo the Deed, a time travel story with a child abuse theme, and Extra Extra!: Memoirs from a Piece of Human Furniture, which chronicles his experiences as a Hollywood extra and offers pointers on how to be one!

Radio holds a special place for AMJ as well - and not just because he received a Golden Mike Award for his work. Take an audio journey through his features and spots, as well as air checks and demos!

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The Bewitched Continuum continues casting its spell! Huffington Post declares it "worth every penny" and that reading it will make you "feel like you're watching Bewitched with a friend." PopMatters says it's "informative without being dry, deep without patronizing...without ever taking away any of the magic the show represents for so many." And Chris York, son of Dick York, Bewitched's first Darrin, hails TBC a "must-read!" Be on the lookout for more press, which will always be posted on the book's Facebook page!

• AMJ has been writing opinion columns focusing on the daytime soap
The Bold and the Beautiful since 2009. Visit SoapCentral's B&B page for AMJ's distinctive and hilarious "Two Scoops”!

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