Undo the Deed

AMJ's first novel started its journey in 1986 as handwritten pages dashed off in high school, reaching its destination via its published form in 2002. Not surprisingly, AMJ's heroine, Amanda Grant, starts her journey in 1987 but finds herself in 1965, where she meets the teenaged version of her alcholic father, who unknowingly falls in love with future daughter.

This time travel story with a child abuse theme definitely made an impact on readers and critics. The Tulsa World said that AMJ "not only has a topical message, but the ability to wrap that message within a story of intrigue that fascinates the mind." Science Fiction and Fantasy World called the story "remarkable and spellbinding," while acclaimed sci-fi author Robert J. Sawyer hailed it as "gutsy and with all good science fiction, ["Undo the Deed"] wonderfully illuminates the human condition."

AMJ is especially proud of "Undo the Deed" because it not only gave him a chance to speak out on an important topic he feels strongly about, but the chance to provide hope and even help for its readers as well.

Extra Extra!

AMJ's second book was a radical depature by comparison. Capitalizing on several years of experience as a background actor in Hollywood, AMJ crafted "Extra Extra!: Memoirs from a Piece of Human Furniture", at once an entertaining collection of anecdotes and a humorous how-to.

Most books on the subject of extra work only describe where to find it, so "Extra Extra!" went a step further and instead offered guidance as to what the novice background actor can expect the first time on a set. "If you've ever thought of catching the next bus to Hollywood and breaking into show biz as an extra," saiid Midwest Book Review, "you need to read what this author has to say."

AMJ also wanted his message to be heard and watched, so he wrote a song based on "Extra Extra!" and then shot a music video for it that takes the viewer inside the world of a background actor. See and hear "Extra Extra!" on the Music page, and the DVD (which includes a making-of) can be found in the Store alongside the accompanying remix CD.

For exclusive photos of AMJ as an extra, pay a visit to the Gallery!

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